Concept art: Lyft sponsored activities on the Schuylkill River
Client : Lyft
Project: Concept Art for Marketing Campaign
Junior Designer: Corey Jameson 
Design Category: Concept Art, photo selection, editing and retouching in Photoshop
Creative Direction: Adrian Castillo 
Senior Designer: Matt Rondos
The creative team came up with a series of ideas for a Lyft campaign centered in Philadelphia. I created the proposal deck using Photoshop and images found on the web to bring their ideas to life. 
Concept art : Using Lyft theme cars to get out of the city.      Polaroid mockup from
Concept art: Amusement park rides for kids and adults

Concept art: Artist illustration wraps on classic cars

Concept Art: Child play area
Concept art: Getting a Lyft to and from the airport

Concept art: Get a Lyft view of Philly

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