Masters Student Project: Storyboard for Food Waste Capstone Project
Design Category: Industrial Design, Illustration
Tools: Procreate, Photoshop
I created this poster to get feedback on the development of my masters capstone project.  In my exploration surrounding food waste, I identified several areas where design could serve a role in the mitigation of waste. These considerations are shown in the top infographic in green (icons sourced from After discovering that composting is best managed on a small scale, I determined that the most impactful solution involved educating children on these issues, providing them with the tools necessary to tackle waste in their own communities. The storyboard shown below was instrumental in conveying what I hoped the interactions the children would have with the device. After my presentation I was able to get valuable feedback from the audience about ideas and directions moving forward. 
The Process​​​​​​​
At this stage in the project, I was uncertain what the composting unit would look like, how it would work, where it would live in the school, and how students and faculty would interact with it. The drawings above show one concept where the unit would be placed in the cafeteria.  After each meal, students would add compostable leftovers to the unit.  
In order to explain how this device would work, I needed to create a storyboard. I sketched out a rough storyboard (below) and sent it to my sister who directed my niece to act out the positions I needed. I was then able to use those images to quickly illustrate my ideas, using Procreate on an iPad.  
The Result
Check back soon for the full case study on this project! 

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